We MAXed Out!

by | Mar 3, 2015 | 0 comments

Another program complete! I got my FREE Insanity Max 30 Challenge t-shirt in the mail today! I love starting a new Beachbody workout program, following the calendar to a T, working hard not to miss a day, and finishing strong! It’s a great feeling.

Dan and I are both huge fans Max 30. I’m not gonna lie – it’s tough. It is definitely the hardest workout program I have done next to Insanity, but it was all over in 30 minutes and upon completion there was a great sense of accomplishment!  If you like cardio and can handle some jumping and push-ups this is a MUST. It was also a great workout to do with the kids in the dead of winter when they were not able to go outside and play. Our 3 sons (4, 8 and 11 years old) took part in many workouts and loved trying to beat their “max out” times.

I know I gained some muscle (for me this is tough!). My weight stayed the same, although I wasn’t setting out to lose weight. My pants feel looser so I assume my measurements changed. I did notice when I venture outside for a run the Pennsylvania hills don’t seem as challenging and my endurance has improved. Thank you Shaun T – the hills here are killer! Dan has been training for Boston and I know it has only helped him with his running. We will definitely come back to these workouts. Dan plans to continue to use the Insanity Max 30 workouts with his volleyball teams for their strength and conditioning practices. It’s a great program for any middle school, high school, college athlete who wants to improve agility, strength and add some muscle!

The Schall family gives Insanity Max 20 two thumbs up!