Ultimate Reset Results

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The Ultimate Reset. What a journey. What a challenge. So worth it.

My Initial Thoughts…

For me, the last 21 days on the Ultimate Reset challenged me more mentally and emotionally than physically. It’s amazing how societal influences, temptations and cravings can play such a huge role in our health decisions. I GET why obesity continues to be a growing problem in the US. It’s painfully tough out there!

There were days I wanted to weep and punch something because I was following a plan that told me what to eat and I could not eat what I wanted to eat. I felt hunger. Or, what I thought was hunger. It made me feel awful. There I was buying delicious, real, whole foods from God’s green earth in an abundant supply from the farmers’ market down the street and I was COMPLAINING about it.  It’s expensive. I have to wash and cut it all up which is so time-consuming.  It’s not going to fill me up. How am I going to eat like a rabbit for 3 weeks? I want carbs. And ice cream.  And cheese. Boo-hoo me.

I complained knowing there are people all over this world experiencing REAL hunger who fight for one small bowl of rice a day. We overindulge while so many are under-nourished.

Shut your mouth, Teri. Stop acting so entitled.

I tried really hard not to complain from that point on…

Ultimate Reset Breakfast

Week 1: Eggs & Whole Wheat Toast Day 1-3 only, Yogurt, Oatmeal and Veggies all week. Week 2: Fruit and Oatmeal Week 3: Fruit Only



Right now it is day 21 of 21; I love the way I feel. Energized, healthy, clear-minded, lighter and encouraged. There is a sense of accomplishment, but even more I know I did my body a favor by giving it the REBOOT it needed to feel and perform at its best.

I plan on taking the next 3 weeks to slowly reintroduce some of the foods that were eliminated from my diet this month. I will take what I have learned from the Reset and adapt it to my life and my family’s life going forward. I look forward to exercising again and gaining back strength.

In my recap below I wanted to be sure to SHOW you some of the foods and experiences I encountered. I posted photos of meals as well as a video compilation of my insta-story feed.  You’ll also find my list of successes and struggles. It was easy to focus on the negative, but celebrating the victories (as small as they seemed) kept me in the game. Please reach out to me if you have questions or are interested in doing the Ultimate Reset. It is a Beachbody product and one of the safest most effective ways out there to cleanse your body.


Ultimate reset supplements

There was an array of daily supplements provided week to week. Each played role in the cleansing process.



 Successes and Take-Aways
-I have more willpower than I thought. When cravings were high during week one I left the kitchen or had a glass of water. I DID NOT cave once!
-I discovered new ways to eat and season vegetables.
-I found two delicious soup recipes: zucchini cashew and sweet potato and roasted red pepper soup
-Stomach bloat went down considerably after week 1 (see before and after photo below) It feels amazing!
-I have a sense of mental clarity. A cloud has been lifted.
-I guzzled over a gallon of water every day.
-Eating A LOT of the “good stuff” keeps me fuller longer than grabbing something quick, easy and processed.
-I can see my abs and I have not done a single ab exercise for 3 weeks.
-After week 1 I was able to drink my greens without wincing, gagging or needing to chase with toothpaste.
-I tried new foods and recipes I would have not have otherwise.
-I love fruit and was able to eat a LOT of it.
-The support of the Beachbody Reset Facebook support groups and my friends who did the Reset with me saved me from falling many times!
-I was not in the bathroom more than normal. I was worried I would be during the “release” phase!
-I was able to share what I was learning with my kids. They understand that eating good food is good for our bodies.
-My family stepped up and helped out more in the kitchen.
-The scale finally moved.
-My IBS is under control. I did not have an single flare up for 21 days.
-With the absence of sugar, fruit tastes like candy and sweet potatoes with cinnamon taste like dessert.
-I CAN go 3 weeks without meat and dairy and still feel satisfied.
-Cheese isn’t needed; foods can be flavorful without it.
-I feel back in control again.
-This rang true: If you believe you will achieve and in the end succeed. Mind over matter. Just do it.


Lunch mostly consisted of different types of salads loaded with veggies and homemade dressing. There was often a soup or side serving of grain/legume week 1 and 2.

Lunch mostly consisted of different types of salads loaded with veggies and homemade dressing. There was often a soup or side serving of grain/legume week 1 and 2.

-This was the toughest mental challenge I have been through.
-By week 3 I was tired of salad and veggies. I missed carbs.
-I missed my chocolate peanut butter Shakeology and realized why I prefer to drink my veggies at least once a day!
-I missed working out and felt weak at times.
-Week 1 left me tired, lethargic, cold and irritable from time to time.
-I prefer 5 smaller meals compared to the 3 large meals we ate on the Reset. I missed my snacks.
-A wedding and the Ultimate Reset do not mesh. Saying no to the cookie table, wine, cake, & steak was difficult.
-I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, cutting, and prepping–more time than I anticipated.
-I don’t like tempeh or seaweed Nori rolls and I don’t think I will ever try sushi.
-Cooking 2 dinners a night is exhausting.
-To suppress my evening cravings I drank tea (I don’t even like tea) instead of indulging with ice cream the rest of my family ate. Argh…
-I struggled popping 14 supplement pills a day and drinking my power green and detox concoctions.
-I missed bananas. Who knew they were too high in sugar to be on the Ultimate Reset plan?
-I was HANGRY in spurts throughout the challenge especially weeks one and three.
-My grocery bill was quite high after my week one shopping trip. To save money in weeks 2 and 3 I ended up duplicating recipes.
-I don’t like eating on a regimented schedule. My phone alarm reminders got to be annoying.
-Although my cravings dissipated considerably, I can’t live without chocolate. It is the first thing I plan to treat myself to tomorrow.

Eating dinner without meat for 3 weeks was not as challenging as I thought it would be!

Eating dinner without meat for 3 weeks was not as challenging as I thought it would be!


The following photo is tough for me to post and make public. But, if it helps one person, I’ll suck it up and show my mid-section. Ugh! Notice the bloat that was taking over in my before pictures on the left. NO MORE in my “afters” on the right! IBS under control. I purposely did not suck anything in (It irritates me when people do that in their “after” pictures! No stomach is concave!) Needless to say I am feeling better than EVER and I can almost fit comfortably into my “skinny” jeans once again.



Below is a compilation of short clips I documented on Instagram throughout my journey. My family is involved in everything I do so their cute little faces appear every so often. Aside from a bit of dessert teasing they were incredibly supportive and helpful throughout this challenge!

If you have questions about the Ultimate Reset please feel free to send me an email at dtschall1@mac.com. If you have any interest in doing the Ultimate Reset yourself, talk to me first. I can give you the scoop and a discounted price. Just an FYI – The Ultimate Reset pack of supplements does have an expiration date. So, if you are planning on doing it reach out to me a week or two before your start date and I will send you the sale purchasing link.