The Ultimate Reset…Here we go!

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Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset 21 Day Cleanse…

This has me anxious and excited. I’ve decided to do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset this month. It’s a 3 week total body cleanse aimed to return the body back to optimal health. I like to think of it as an inner body “tune-up”.

There are 3 phases:ultimate reset, cleanse, eat clean
Phase 1: Reclaim. Red meat and dairy are slowly eliminated.
Phase 2: Release. Unwanted “compounds” that have ben held within intestine walls gradually leave. (I’m trying to describe this phase as lady-like as possible!) A fully vegan diet begins.
Phase 3: Restore. Digestion restoration begins. Nutrients, enzymes, pre and probiotics are brought back in. Mostly fruits and veggies are eaten. Cut back on grains.

I just got my shipment of supplements. I see several detox packets and power greens. Eeeek!

Why am I doing this?

1. I like that this is a “no starvation cleanse”. It comes with a large book full of recipes and ideas for gradually implementing a vegan diet. I get to eat a lot and often. My kind of cleanse!

2. Transformation stories and testimonies. I have read, listened and watched. I don’t jump into anything without learning all there is to know about it first. Several friends completed the program recently and shared amazing testimonies: Physical. Emotional. Mental clarity. Inner strength. A love for new foods. No bloat!

3. Dairy and meat put a ton of stress on our digestive systems. I want to see how my body responds when they are gradually eliminated. The only way I foresee myself doing this is by following a legitimate program. And, joining forces with friends to keep me from cheating!

4. I gained weight over the summer and need to trim down a bit.

5. I want to learn more about my own habits and tendencies when it comes to food.

6. I have had several customers ask me about the Ultimate Reset. My answers came from “what I have heard and read”. Soon I will be able to speak freely about it, give people concrete feedback, and coach and them through the Reset if they choose to do it.


A few challenges I foresee (ok, more than few!):

1. I cannot workout. I love working out. When on the reset it’s recommend you NOT exercise strenuously due to the amount of energy your body will be using throughout each phase. It’s important to allow the nervous system to remain in a relaxed state while the body is cleansing and detoxing without asking it to repair muscle tissue after a workout. Walking and light yoga are ok. I plan on doing that!

2. My husband can’t do it with me. He is currently training for the Columbus Marathon in October and needs to run daily. I will be doing the Reset solo in our house which will be tough! Lots of meal prep for one person. Lots of temptations all around.

3. I will not be able to drink my chocolate Shakeology daily. I look forward to it every day. It is my chocolate fix and natural energizer. During the reset the goal is to get you eating and chewing everything live. Drinking my veggies doesn’t count apparently. Bummer!

4. I can’t eat chocolate. Nor can I indulge in a snack after dinner.

5. Time. It is going to take time to prep and think about my food each day.

ok… I’ll stop here!

My ultimate reset journey begins Sept. 6th and will go through the 26th. If you tempt me with a burger or ice cream during that time frame I may bite you! I plan to log and record my journey to share. If you’re slightly interested in doing the Ultimate Reset yourself I encourage you to follow my journey. If you are on instagram follow @schallfitness for daily insta-story videos and photos. I will be updating on my facebook page as well: Teri Schall Fitness. Weekly recaps will be posted here on my blog.

Here we go! Took a bite of my last brownie this eve…sniff, sniff…ultimate reset, cleanse, clean eating


Learn more about Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset by watching this:


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