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21 Day Fix Challenger ~ This program has been so exciting, challenging, rewarding….I could go on. I have always been into fitness ( i have P90X, P90X2, T-25, Jillian Michaels workouts…..) but I lacked in the nutrition. 21 Day Fix has inspired me, transformed me, & rewarded me. I thought I was eating right BUT when you binge eat it’s totally wrong!! I thought these were “treat days or REWARD ME DAYS” especially with all the hard work I did all week. I am excited to see transformation in my body physically in my shape (I always wanted abs!!) I want to thank all you ladies because without you I wouldn’t be able to do this.!! Here is to another 21 days because this is a life style CHANGE!! – Denise

21 Day Fix Challenger ~ I just weighed in after my first week on the 21 day fix eating plan. I worked out 5 out of 7 days, ate on plan and I lost 5.8 lbs!!!! Yeah!!!! That is awesome considering I am 58 years old!! I usually do not lose that fast ever!! – Challenger

21 Day Fix Challenger ~ I started with beachbody hard core 8 months ago. I have lost approximately 25lbs, and still have 25 or 30 I want to lose. But I have gained so much more than i have lost. I have gained confidence I lost from being severely ill for nearly 15 years. I have gain more shape and definition in my body. I have gained strength and endurance, I have gained a new way to look at fitness and nutrition. I have gained a support group of like minded friends. I feel truly blessed! – R. Challenger

21 Day Fix and Cize Challenger ~ When I started this program in May I was desperate to lose weight. I am rapidly approaching my 50th birthday and the path I was on certainly didn’t make my 50’s look like something I would enjoy. I suffer from chronic pain due to neck and lower back injuries. I found myself using the pain as an excuse not to get things done. I knew that losing this extra weight would make things easier on me. I am losing weight, I am down 25 pounds since I began this journey. What I love most though is the strength and stamina I have gained. I love the workouts, I love the fact that they tell you to modify them how you need to, that the important thing is to keep moving. Even though my schedule has changed for the summer, I still find myself looking forward to getting my workout in. I love the support that I get from being part of this group and the accountability that this give me! I don’t have as much pain as I did before this began and more important is I don’t use the pain as an excuse to sit on the couch! – P. Challenger

21 Day Fix Challenger ~ I am doing well. I just completed round 2 of the 21 Day Fix and I am happy to report I feel great and have dropped a size, 3 inches from my waist, and lost 8 total lbs! The best part is people are noticing. My husband has lost 15lbs and 3 inches around his waist too. We feel amazing. Love shakeology as well. We feel wonderful and strong! -Challenger

21 Day Fix Challenger ~ I have lost 8 pounds and 11.5 total inches since starting 21 day fix! I am in a new 10’s on the scale (you know what I mean right ;)) and just feeling better. Thanks for helping me get started and motivated to do something new. ~Lindsay

21 Day Fix Challenger ~ I am down 8lbs, 10 inches (3 of those inches in my waist), and am continuing on with another 21 days! My muscles are much more toned, energy is up, and for my 20th HS graduation this past weekend the skirt I bought for it was 1 dress size down from what I have been wearing (a size I have never been in, by the way!), I am feeling fabulous! ~Holly

P90 Challenger ~ Did my first P90 workout today and LOVED it. I was able to keep up with everything and maintain form. It went by super quick and the modifiers for different fitness levels are great. I would definitely recommend to someone just starting out. I feel like I got more out of this workout than I did from X3 because I was able to keep up and actually do everything and it made me push myself harder. I think this just might be the first program that I finish all the way through!”
– Jennifer.

T25 Challenger ~ Thanks for motivating me… As of today down 8.5 lbs & 4 inches from waist…woohoo! So glad I asked about your challenge group & T25. I’m loving it! (I can’t believe I just said that :0, T25 Beta!) I have done other workout videos but never with progress like this! I also appreciate all the info on the clean eating as well! – Challenger

T25 Challenger ~ We actually really like the chocolate Shakeology! I’m enjoying the T25 and feeling better about my body and energy level. I love love love all the support in our challenge group. It’s pretty awesome. Thank you so much for bringing me on board!!!! ~Jodi

T25 Challenger ~ We are totally loving this challenge!! In fact, I wanted to ask you if there is one we can join after this one us complete… We are having a blast!! And loving how we feel, which is awesome! -Colleen

P90X3 ~ Can’t begin to tell you how much I love p90x. Perfect mix of stuff for me and perfect length of work outs. Although I’ve done other video programs…definitely think this is the best geared for retired beat up athletes. My knees haven’t felt this good in a LONG time. -Jill

P90X3 and Shakeology ~ I am really enjoying the workouts and do feel energized from shakeology. I think my eczema cleared up a bit from it? It is definitely a nice option for me in the a.m. as I am headed out the door to work. ~Emily

P90X3 ~ It’s been a great experience and I’m already experiencing small, positive changes! ~ Challenger after 2 weeks

Shakeology ~ I was really nervous to start drinking Shakeology. I never believed in weight loss shakes/pills. I know for many people that as soon as they stopped taking them, they would gain the weight right back. Shakeology is actually not a weight loss shake. It is a meal replacement that fuels your body with all the nutrients it needs for the day to support “healthy” weight loss. It also has given me so much more energy, keeps me full longer, helps with cravings, makes me regular (I use to have a huge issue) and makes me feel good overall. I have also noticed that my acne has gone away!

Shakeology ~ I just want to tell everyone about how good I’m feeling right now. Usually, around this time of day, I become lazy and sluggish and ready for a nap. But right now I am full of energy and don’t have the desire to lay down at all!!! Clean eating & Shakeology is doing the trick!! I feel great! ~ 5 Day Free Clean Eating Challenger

Shakeology ~ After drinking Shakeology for 1 year, I lost 23 lbs., and my bad cholesterol dropped 36 points, and my good cholesterol went up 13 points.

3 Day Refresh/30 Day Clean Eat Challenger ~ Feeling SUUUUPER!! I finished my 3-Day Refresh yesterday & I lost 6.8 lbs & 1 1/2 in from my waist in 3 days! I had to reweigh & remeasure myself like 5 times just to make sure it was correct. I drank water all day – more than usual, drank my Vanilla Refresh, Fiber Sweep & Shakeology each day, & never felt hungry or drained of energy – actually had more! Today I’m back to my regular clean eating meal plan, but what a fantastic jump start after the holiday weekend to get me back on track! Can’t stop me now WOOHOO!! -Lori

Piyo Challenger ~ I lost 1.5 pounds this week, 6.5 total since I started Pi-Yo. I haven’t been this low in years! This is the best workout I’ve ever experienced. This is the first time in my life that I actually look forward to working out! -Theresa

Piyo Challenger ~ Down another 2 lbs this week. Total 8lbs… Starting week 4 tomorrow . ~Christina

5 Day Free Clean Eating Challenger Testimonials

The biggest thing I learned was better label reading. I pretty much already was eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies, lean protein, etc. But I was so shocked when I read the ingredients part of the labels! I was focusing on the fat, carbs, fiber, protein per serving. I found out my favorite “healthy” is really bad! So now I add ingredients to the things I look at. Thank you for having this challenge!

Hey I lost 4 lbs over these 5 days!

I have learned you can still enjoy good food while eating clean. I have felt better about myself this week. I didn’t feel sluggish or just blah after eating like I usually did. I enjoyed the support from everyone and getting new recipes to enjoy with my family. Thank you. I can’t wait to look for more recipes to try with my family.

What I loved about this week, is that my youngest stole my food a lot. To my surprise, he liked what he was eating. I want to be a good role model for my kids, to learn this when the are young is important.

I agree…I loved the baked oatmeal and Mexican lasagna! I am also so much more aware that although I have been eating 99% clean…my portions have been killing my weight maintenance. Also, I learned so much about the ingredients to avoid not only for weight loss but also for health. Thanks so much!!!

Eating every few hours has helped me keep my energy up and power through my long work days. Having a plan for eating and working out is like having an insurance policy on my success for the day! I also learned that the only thing in my fridge with high fructose corn syrup was the bottle of Dr. Pepper that my younger brother left there the last time he was in town so I guess I’m doing pretty good when I go grocery shopping!

I’m taking away that eating clean is pretty easy and can be delicious! These recipes have been so good and so simple! I’m definitely gonna keep eating clean!

I’ve learned to read labels…on everything! You may find sugar added to stuff you would’ve never thought. I’ve loved having all the recipes and support throughout the day. It’s been a great week!


Check out their pictures, hear their stories, see how some of my challengers and fellow teammates have been transformed from the inside out! REAL people with REAL results. AMAZING!


After committing to a 5K and then training for a half marathon Kathleen’s pre-pregnancy pants were STILL not fitting. She knew her eating habits were poor, but didn’t know how to fix them. Her decision to join a 30 Day Clean Eating and Shakeology Challenge group changed her life. She learned about the principles of clean eating, how to portion correctly, what foods to pair with others, and the amazing health benefits Shakeology provided. Kathleen lost 30 lbs, but just as noteworthy she has helped and taught 100’s of people all she has learned – changing lives daily…Including mine! She is an inspiration to many as well as a very successful health and fitness coach.. “I wasn’t much of an athlete in high school. I didn’t play varsity sports (except likely out of pity my senior year my soccer coach let me play varsity).

Emphasis in my house was placed on getting good grades, with a side of music. I’ve never owned a bikini. Nor do I actually love the beach.

So how in the world did someone like me, a non-athlete, end up becoming a “Beachbody Coach”? -Kathleen Petulla. Read more about Kathleen’s journey here: www.awakeningsfitness.com

280399Kelly was a challenger in the fall of 2014. Since then she has joined our coaching team. Kelly has an amazing story and is now helping others create their story. Her words shortly after completing her first challenge group: “This August I joined a PiYo challenge group. I have had amazing results and have recovered from many of my recurrent foot injuries. I am the healthiest weight and attitude in the last 9 years — now.” To learn more about Kelly check out her health and fitness blog: www.runteachrepeat.com. She also has an amazing recipe blog: www.busymomsrecipebox.com

5992013Shannon states, “The challenge group is what introduced me to “clean eating”. The group also gave me the motivation to press play every day and inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle. The group gave me the tools to get me where I am today. I look at my before pic and I see a women who was so unhappy with herself. I am so glad that I made the huge step to make a change. I trust this process so much and I want to pay it forward so I became a coach!” Read more about Shannon’s journey here: https://www.facebook.com/Shannon.Albright.Inspiration.Motivation


Kelsey has been into fitness most of her life. She played competitive volleyball from middle school through college. After college continued to stay in shape and took up running. After an injury she realized too much cardio without strength training was not good for your body. Insert Kelsey’s new found love of Insanity, T25 and P90X3! She had amazing results and loved sharing the programs with her friends. Kelsey works as a physical therapist assistant by day and a health and fitness coach on our Revolutionizers team in her spare time. The transition to coaching was easy for her, “I shared my progress and motivation with others and found that I didn’t need to “sell” the products. My focus is to help people on their fitness journeys, to be better than they were the day before. Beachbody has so many programs and I loved doing them myself, so why not share this love of mine with others and help them too (and the paycheck was just an added bonus). Fitness is a journey and life is about building relationships with others, so why not use fitness as a way to do that?” Wise words Kelsey! So glad to have you on our team!


In October of 2014 NicoleI took a leap of faith and joined one of our 21 Day Fix challenge groups. She committed to working out almost every day, clean eating, and drinking Shakeology daily and lost 30+ lbs between October and May! She started out completing 3 full rounds of the 21 Day Fix, then PiYo for 8 weeks and she is currently working out to Focus T25. “I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, am strong and healthy, have a TON more energy and I am setting a good example for my children about the importance of being healthy and fit. And I am PROUD of myself for what I’ve accomplished so far. I am SO glad I took that leap back in October.” Nicole has since joined our coaching team motivating and inspiring others to start their own journey! Hear more about Nicole and her journey here: www.facebook.com/nicole.barbour


Nadine joined her first challenge group in 2013. She was at a breaking point and knew she had to do something. She put her faith first in the process and developed a genuine LOVE for challenge groups. After 60 days she lost 20lbs! Nadine was skeptical that a home fitness program would work, but states, “When you combine FITNESS, NUTRITION, and ACCOUNTABILITY the way we do, the only way you won’t succeed is if you don’t follow the plan!!!!!” Read more about Nadine’s journey here: https://www.facebook.com/nadinebryantfitness


It’s not all about big numbers… Check out what one of my challengers accomplished after 60 days of working out to P90X3, drinking Shakeology, and eating well. Jamie lost 3.5 inches from her waist and lower body, lost 3lbs, gained muscle, and improved her posture. Check out those back muscles! Toned? Yes!


I have been eating clean, drinking Shakeology daily, and exercising regularly for 2 years now. After my initial challenge group in 2013 I had lost those last pesky 10 lbs my pregnancies gave me. Energy was restored and I could breathe while wearing jeans. Since then, I have tried hard to be consistent and continually take steps in the right direction toward healthy living. It didn’t happen overnight. This is not a quick fix, but more a lifestyle change. I feel better at 40 then I did at 30!


In October of 2014, Jeanne decided to put her health first. She had been suffering through the effects of Fibromyalgia since her early 20’s, she was worn down taking care of her sick dog, she wasn’t eating right, sleeping enough, or exercising regularly. After only 21 Days of being in one of my challenge groups, drinking shakeology daily, eating clean and exercising for 30 minutes a day – her world changed! Jeanne states, “To my delight and surprise, life has not gone back to the way it was, it has gotten so much better and more rewarding!! I am taking care of me, which has made me a happier person, and I in turn am able to take better care of Azule! I feel amazing, I have my Fibromyalgia in check and actually forget I have it most days!! I look better than I have in years and I am committed to continuing with this lifestyle for ME!” Jeanne has since become a coach on our team. Read more about her journey here: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcommitacheive. Visit Jeanne’s Blog: http://www.dreamcommitachieve.com/

I’m looking forward to adding more stories like these to this page!