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We will allow the videos to the right to speak to the nutritional value and ingredients of Shakeology. But we wanted to share our experience in drinking Shakeology since November of 2013. Initially, we had a healthy skepticism of the meal replacement; it seemed too good to be true.

Upon investigating, the science seemed sound and we also acknowledged that we didn’t have the same level of skepticism in the foods that were in our pantry. We were looking for reasons not to drink it. As part of a challenge group, we began drinking it every day. And we have not stopped since. fruitandveggiesShakeology has done more than fill in our gaps in nutrition; it is billed as having the nutritional value of eating five salads.

Since drinking Shakeology as a meal replacement, we have noticed a number of benefits: increased energy, the loss of cravings, decreased illness, and desired weight loss. And they taste great too. Additionally, this has anchored our other eating choices.

After drinking a nutritionally-packed shake, the burger and fries just don’t seem as appealing; our eating preferences have changed. Eating clean has been a natural extension of drinking Shakeology. Beachbody did not compromise the ingredients and nutritional value of Shakeology with added preservatives and substitutes.  We have also saved on the expense of chips, ice cream, and soda which used to find their way into the grocery cart but now rarely do. The benefits of Shakeology have far outweighed the costs. We signed up for the 25% discount right away. As a busy family of 5, getting a delivery each month on our doorstep with 30 complete healthy meals is heavenly!


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