Preferred Customers

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What does it mean to be a preferred customer or discount coach?
As a preferred customer/coach you save 25% on all future beachbody products: Shakeology, fitness programs and all supplements. It will cost $15.95/month to be a coach, but again the $30 a month savings on Shakeology alone makes it worth it. You can cancel Shakeology and your coach account any time with a simple email.

How can I sign up to be a preferred customer/discount coach and get the 25% off my Shakeology and other products?

  1. Sign up upon ordering a challenge pack (discounted beachbody workout program + 30 Day Supply of Shakeology) and the $40 fee is WAIVED! I can help you pick out a fitness program that’s right for you. You’ll then get one on one coaching from me with FREE entrance into my VIP 30 Day Accountability Group. Email me today!
  2. Great news, if you purchased a Challenge Pack in the past the $40 sign up fee will be reimbursed to you upon discount sign up. Contact me and I will send you the direct link to get your discount before your next home direct shakeology shipment!

What if I don’t want to order a challenge pack but would still like the discount on my home direct Shakeology order?
No fear, you can still sign up for the discount. You will simply pay the $40 sign up fee. Your next bag of Shakeology will be 25% off.

When I sign up to be a discount coach does this mean I have to coach?
No, not at all. Beachbody does not differentiate between preferred customers and discount coaches simply because we ALL get the same discount. You do not need to coach, reach any quotas, or call yourself a “coach” at all. Most of my home direct Shakeology customers simply sing up to take advantage of the discount. You always have the option to share your love of Shakeology with family and friends. You have the potential to earn a 25% commission if they want to try it out!

Beachbody On Demand FREE for 30 Days!
When you sign up to be a preferred customer/discount coach you get a 30 Day Free Trial of the Club Membership which gives you access to Beachbody On Demand! Try out 100’s of the most popular Beachbody Workout Programs online by streaming them from your computer or any mobile device.

Can I cancel at any time without penalty?
Yes! Cancel at any time. NO fees or penalties!

SIGN ME UP! How do I go about signing up for the discount?
You will need to contact me via email and I will send you easy, specific directions on how to sign up for your discount! Send me a message at with Subject : “25% Discount” and I will get back to you with the sign up link asap!