Dinner Recipes

Crock Pot Quinoa Enchiladas

Eat it from a bowl, tuck it inside romaine lettuce leaves, or wrap it in a whole wheat tortilla. So many options with this meal!

Sweet Chicken Shish Kabobs

Grilled summer food….ah! So good! Our family has had some great evenings at home on our deck listening to tunes while indulging in grilled summer favorites.

Mom’s Wisconsin Chili

Who knew not everyone puts noodles in their chili? I always thought it was normal. My mom makes the BEST pot of chili on the planet. While in Wisconsin over Christmas break I had her give me her secret recipe. It’s the perfect meal after a day of sledding!

Pita Pizza

Pita pizzas are an easy, healthy alternative to greasy take out pizza.

Clean Turkey Burgers

If you ask Charlie what he wants for dinner his response is almost always, “Cheeseburger!” We have found a way to clean up our burgers a bit…

Mexican Lasagna

A favorite among my health and fitness challengers. Their husbands and kids love it!