Clean Eating 101

Clean eating is the practice of consuming natural, whole foods rather than highly processed foods that have become our society’s norm.

Clean eating is not a diet; clean eating is a lifestyle. Below are some guiding principles and practices of clean eating.

1. Cut the processed foods and artificial sweeteners.
2. Eat 5-6 times a day–about every 2-3 hours.
3. Use portion control, even on the healthy foods.
4. Pair a lean protein with a complex carb at every meal, including snacks.
5. Drink 2-3 liters of water every day.
6. Eat breakfast within one hour of rising.

cleaneating, snacks, kids, family, healthy, eatcleanOur fitness challenge and clean eating groups expound on these principles and provide practical tips and recipes for making these principles a part of daily practices.

Our move to clean eating: As a family, we were convenient eaters. Unfortunately, what is common and convenient within our culture is a world of highly-processed and highly-sugared foods. Yes, we would eat fruits and vegetables. But dessert was a habit, as was the bag of chips in the pantry. Dan, in particular, too commonly turned to sweetened beverages for his drinks. The impetus for change was our first challenge group, which held as one of its main tenets clean eating principles. This group made us more aware of what we were consuming. Even some of our “healthy” options–cereals, bagels, and waffles–we found were not very healthy.

Our clean eating lifestyle has substituted many old habits with new ones. As a family, we have implemented a broader range of meals; we have discovered many new favorites. We’re not perfect. So if Teri is holding a cone of Chocolate Turtle ice cream, don’t rip it from her hand and yell, “Hypocrite!” (I actually don’t think you could pry it from her hand.)

clean eating, kids, healthy, family, eat clean, snacks, clean recipesWe have become much more intentional about what we’re putting into our bodies.

We start each day (the kids about twice a week) with Shakeology, our healthiest meal of the day; we eat 5-6 times a day; we drink lots of water. We are living a healthier lifestyle and are imparting these habits on to our kids. For a useful tool to gauge the nutritional value of your foods, check out Fooducate.

Every month we host a 5 Day Free Clean Eating Challenge Group for those who want to learn more about how to incorporate the principles into their daily living.

Interested in giving “clean eating” a try for a week?

Every month, I host a 5 day Free Clean Eating Challenge in a closed online Facebook group. If you commit to 5 Days with me I will provide you with the following:

  • A grocery list
  • A meal plan (all recipes included)
  • Fun fitness challenges each day
  • Prize Give-Aways!

I promise you will be satisfied with each meal without feeling hungry. Most likely you will be eating more in a day than you do now. And by week’s end you will feel fantastic….energized for the weekend! One of my recent participants lost 5 pounds in 5 days!

5 Day Free Clean Eating Challenger Testimonials

“The biggest thing I learned was better label reading. I pretty much already was eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies, lean protein, etc. But I was so shocked when I read the ingredients part of the labels! I was focusing on the fat, carbs, fiber, protein per serving. I found out my favorite “healthy” is really bad! So now I add ingredients to the things I look at. Thank you for having this challenge!

“Hey I lost 4 lbs over these 5 days!”

“I learned so many aspects from this group, along with a sense of community, I also found some great recipes to try out. I have a long way to go as far as clean eating (I still crave sugars and high fructose corn syrup type Items!) I also learned that the less ingredients on the package, the better it is for you. I have always been a label reader when it comes to food, but I always focused on calories and not the ingredients to what I was putting in my body. I will continue to make clean meals for my family and impress on my son and husband the importance of healthful clean meals.

“I have learned you can still enjoy good food while eating clean. I have felt better about myself this week. I didn’t feel sluggish or just blah after eating like I usually did. I enjoyed the support from everyone and getting new recipes to enjoy with my family. Thank you. I can’t wait to look for more recipes to try with my family.”

“What I loved about this week, is that my youngest stole my food a lot. To my surprise, he liked what he was eating. I want to be a good role model for my kids, to learn this when the are young is important.”

“I agree…I loved the baked oatmeal and mexican lasagna! I am also so much more aware that although I have been eating 99% clean…my portions have been killing my weight maintenance. Also, I learned so much about the ingredients to avoid not only for weight loss but also for health. Thanks so much!!!”

“Eating every few hours has helped me keep my energy up and power through my long work days. Having a plan for eating and working out is like having an insurance policy on my success for the day! I also learned that the only thing in my fridge with high fructose corn syrup was the bottle of Dr. Pepper that my younger brother left there the last time he was in town so I guess I’m doing pretty good when I go grocery shopping!”

“I’m taking away that eating clean is pretty easy and can be delicious! These recipes have been so good and so simple! I’m definitely gonna keep eating clean!”

“I’ve learned to read labels…on everything! You may find sugar added to stuff you would’ve never thought. I’ve loved having all the recipes and support throughout the day. It’s been a great week!”

“Every post throughout the day was a little mental reminder to stop and think things through a bit more than I typically do. I have enjoyed the recipes and have been glad to see that my kids even liked them!! My Kids even liked them!