About Teri

Hi, I’m Teri Schall & I am a health & fitness coach.
I help women prioritize health and fitness amid the demands of busy family life.

Teri Outside VolleyballI grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and from as far back as I can remember, I was playing some type of sport. Basketball and volleyball became the main sports as I entered high school, and volleyball continued through college, playing on the Penn State women’s volleyball team from 1994-1998.

Upon graduating from Penn State, I was an elementary teacher for three years. When our first son Caleb was born, I decided to stay home and open a small family day care out of our home. I have been able to care for and teach many wonderful little ones, including a couple of Schall additions (Owen and Charlie) during my time as a child care provider.

I have stayed active; moms of three boys have little choice but to stay active. While I have hung up the volleyball shoes, I got into running on a casual basis–enough to run a couple of half-marathons. But my fitness was never a priority; it could be easily cut from the “to-do” list. After all, I had a family to run and three kids whose needs trumped mine.

In November of 2013, a good friend approached me about participating in a Beachbody T-25 fitness challenge. The challenge was an online challenge within a closed Facebook group. The group would be there for nutritional tips, fitness direction, and motivation and encouragement. After 60 days of T-25 workouts, eating clean, and drinking Shakeology, the results were transformational.

familyYes, I was leaner and fitter, but I also looked at food and health differently. I was hooked.

When Kathleen approached me about coaching, I was hesitant. But the opportunity to help others toward a healthier lifestyle through education, support, and motivation was not a hard sell; helping others is why I was a teacher and child care provider. I am currently a two star diamond coach and leader of an amazing group of men and women on Team #Revolutionizers.

There are many things to love about being a Health and Fitness coach, but at the top of the list is my family’s involvement. The Schall menu has changed for the better; I love that I am helping my family become more nutritionally-centered. A couple of times each week, the boys will be drinking Shakeology at the breakfast table; for Dan and me, that is our healthiest meal of the day every day. Our workouts are a routine too. Sometimes we are on the same workout schedule and work out along side one another; other days we are on different schedule. But usually there is a small boy or three jumping in the workout too.

Interested in finding out more? Join me in a 5-day clean eating challenge.

About Dan

danI am married to an incredible woman who makes me better each day. She still does after 15 years of marriage. We have three kids: Caleb, 11; Owen, 9; Charlie, 4. They are a team: they love life; they love each other (most of the time); and they love sports and activity. Most of the time, they’re in numbered shirts chasing some kind of ball, keeping some type of score. Our house is continually in motion, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

I teach some incredible kids at North Allegheny Senior High in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I currently teach AP Psychology and American Government but frequently teach American History and taught English classes for several years. I also have had the privilege of coaching the boys’ volleyball team since 2003 and coached the girls’ team from 2003-2011. I also write for courtandclassroom.com. When one pictures the motivation for getting into teaching and coaching, these are the kids who are envisioned.

I have always been an athlete. In high school, I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, and ran track. I continued to play volleyball at Penn State from 1995-1999. In college, I also ran my first marathon. “Entering the real world” brought with it new responsibilities and new priorities. I found an outlet in running, when I could. But life—real life: kids, marriage, teaching, coaching—took over.

My Beachbody journey officially began in November of 2013. I was in shape; I had recently run the Columbus Marathon in a little over three hours. A friend of Teri and mine, convinced us to join a “challenge group.” Our challenge group centered on T-25, eating clean, and drinking Shakeology.

I knew that my nutrition had a lot to be desired (apparently, Diet Cokes for breakfast and lunch and eating whatever was in sight from 6:00 on are not dietary recommendations), but I was sure I would breeze through whatever this “Shaun T” guy had in store. I was wrong. The workouts kicked my butt and had me drenched—all in 25 minutes. I started to eat more…and better…and differently. After the 60-day challenge, thanks to the workouts and new eating habits, I was down about 18 pounds from the beginning. I have since participated in other challenges: a continuation of T-25, P90X3, and Insanity.

It has become a part of our family’s life.