80 Day Obsession!80 Day obsession

If you are a fan of Beachbody’s Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese and her famous workout programs (21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Hammer and Chisel, Country Heat, etc) then you’re probably as excited as I am about her new 80 Day Obsession program that is about to launch! The test group is finishing up now and the results are pretty impressive! With a January 2018 launch, this workout could not come at a better time of year!

The 80 Day Workout program is a step-by-step approach to building a shaped and toned booty while simultaneously shrinking the core. It’s 80 days of obsessive focus on fitness and nutrition.

Be gone love handles ~ Welcome butt lift! 

The program officially launches on Saturday, January 13th with day one of 80. A NEW workout will be posted each day in REAL TIME for following 80 days. Day by day you will feel like you’re part of the action following along with Autumn On Demand and the cast as they progress through the program.

Plus, depending on your preference, you’ll have access to either my Facebook group or my challenge tracker app support group for the entire 80 days. As your free coach, I will be there to answer any questions you have regarding the program and nutrition plan while at the same time motivating and supporting you throughout the 80 days. My accountability and support groups are the reason why so many people succeed with the Beachbody “At Home” programs.

It’s easy to talk yourself into pulling the covers over your head when you’re trying to do it alone, but when you have a support system behind you and teammates checking in daily posting their highs and lows you’re more motivated to stay in the game and keep pushing play! Check out these testimonials from some of my former challengers: Challenger Testimonials.

Who is the program for?

  • intermediate/advanced level fitness fan
  • people who want a leaner, firmer and more sculpted body
  • woman looking to add some curves without the bulk80 Day Obession
  • anyone who wants a tighter, more defined and lifted booty
  • those seeking to flatten and strengthen their abs and core
  • people who are serious about focusing on their nutrition with clean eating meal plans and portion control
  • fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an intense program they can do at home
  • anyone who wants to see how far they can test their body and get supreme results

*If you are a beginner or someone who needs to lose 40+ lbs, I do not recommend starting with this workout. Instead, join my New Year New You 21 Day Fix group!

What do I need to know about the Nutrition Plan?

You will get a set of portion fix containers to measure out your food portions. But, I have been told, the program does NOT follow the 21 Day Fix meal plan system as we know it. Throughout the 80 Day Obsession, you will be asked to eat at specific times of the day (don’t worry, I will teach you how to prep and pack food for the day!). You will also have pre and post workout meals. One meal a day will be replaced by the ever-so-popular (my saving grace) = Shakeology. And, you will be encouraged (but not required) to use the Beachbody Performance Line supplements to enhance your results. Rumor has it, we all get a few REFEED days during the program to refuel on extra carbs!

HELLO yellow container…I heart you!

Do I need to be a Beachbody On Demand Member to access the 80 Day Obsession Program?

YES! The 80 Day Obsession can ONLY BE ACCESSED ON DEMAND. There will be no dvds available for purchase. The first workout will launch via On Demand on January 13th.  Contact me at dtschall1@mac.com to be sure to get the most bang for your buck when ordering this program. There are MANY options available and it can be confusing.

How long are the workouts?equipment

Between 30 and 60 minutes.

Do you need a lot of space to do the workouts? 

Nope! Basement, living room, bedroom with at least a 6 feet by 6 feet space for optimal results and experience.

What equipment is needed?

  • A set of floor sliders
  • resistance bands
  • Weights: A set of light, medium and heavy dumb bells
  • A mat: you’ll be on the ground at times so you want to make sure you have a bit of a cushion.
If you are interested in trying out the program, I have a few options for you! My recommendation, reach out to me personally and I will help you with decide what is the best fit for you (dtschall1@mac.com). 
First and foremost, I highly recommend that you join my 80 Day Prepare to Be Obsessed Facebook group. I am planning start prep week on the 8th of January. Official workouts will begin on the 15th. In this group, I will walk you through everything you need to know about the program, including meal planning, recipes, daily motivation, and tips for success so you can finish the program STRONG and get the results you want.
Here are your options for purchasing 80 Day Obsession:
Packages for NEW CUSTOMER AND COACHES (who do not have On Demand):
1) The 80 Day Obsession Basic Challenge Pack includes a 1 year membership to Beachbody On Demand, your choice of either Shakeology or the Performance Stack, portioned containers, resistance loops, and floor sliders=  $180 (Save $10 – Sale $170 for the month of December) Click HERE to order!
2.) 80 Day Obsession Combo Challenge Pack includes a 1 year membership of BOD access, Portion Fix containers. one month supply of Shakeology, 1 container of Energize, 1 container of Recover, resistance loops, and floor sliders = $240 (savings of $200!) Order HERE!
3) 80 Day Obsession Mega Challenge Pack which includes a 1 year membership of BOD access, Portion Fix containers. one month supply of Shakeology, 2 containers of Energize, 4 containers of Recover, resistance loops, and floor sliders = $440 (savings of $275!) Order HERE!
1) The 80 Day Obsession Basic Program Pack is for existing customers who already have Beachbody On Demand and Shakeology. It includes the portion fix containers, resistance loops (2 sets!), and floor sliders (for hard floors and carpeting) = $59.95. Order HERE!
2.) The 80 Day Obsession Basic Completion Pack is for existing On Demand members. It includes your choice of either Shakeology or the Performance Stack, portioned containers, resistance loops, and floor sliders= $150 (savings of $65!) Order HERE! Get $10 off in December!
3.) Just need sliders and resistance loops? Grab those here:
80 day obsession
Please, let me know if you would like to be a part of our 80 Day Obsession support network. With the purchase of the program and Shakeology you get a FREE ticket into my group! You will need to order your program and Shakeology by January 8th. I look forward to mentoring and guiding you through the program. I will need your support as well!
Feel free to email me with any questions: dtschall1@mac.com
80 Day obsession


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